Small Business Spotlight | Tripl3 Baked

Tell us about you and your company.
Tripl3 Baked is a nut-free bakery in Markham, Ontario Canada in the Cornell Community. Three best friends, Leah, Melissa & Gabriela started the company in 2009 after discovering their hidden passion for "caking".

In 2014, Tripl3 Baked opened its doors offering custom cakes, brownies, cookie tarts, mini pies, cupcakes, banana bread, cheesecake bars and so much more!  Customers can view their daily menu online or by visiting their shop. 
What inspired you to join forces and start your company?
We were all deep into our careers (Leah in Food Product Development, Melissa in HR Recruitment and Gabriela in Legal) and one day decided to take cake classes together at Michaels. We soon fell in love with the process and creativity and began making cakes for friends and family.  We quickly received cake orders through word of mouth and the rest is history!
What was the biggest lesson learned you’ve experienced as a small business owner so far?
It isn’t an easy road running a small business.  But through consistency, a lot of determination, and not being afraid to ask for help, truly gets us through the challenging times.
How do you differentiate your business from others in the industry?
We pride ourselves as being a woman owned business, offering Filipino and El Salvadorian baked goods that is entirely nut-free, using simple and wholesome ingredients.  We also love the fact that we aren’t just business partners, but also best friends.
What are your best selling items?
Our customers cannot get enough of our Tripl3 Baked Bar, Cookie Tarts, Red Velvet Cupcakes and Birthday Sprinkle Cakes.  We are constantly having to make these items each week which we are so grateful for.
What do each of you like to do in your spare time?
When there is down time, we love to spend time with family and friends.

What is your definition of self-care?
Owning a small business truly demands most of our time throughout the days and weekends.  But in order to avoid burnout, it is critical for us to intentionally carve out time for ourselves. It is so important to ensure our physical and mental health.
What do you do for self-care?
We like to indulge in skincare, massages, fitness and hikes, spending time together outside of work and with family and friends.  These all help to re-charge our minds and bodies.
How can people get to know more about what you’re doing and where can they find you? 
Check out our website
Follow our page on Instagram @tripl3baked or on Facebook under Tripl3 Baked to see what's baking at the shop.

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